The TIWEdit is the IntraWeb equivalent of the TEdit from VCL.

TIWEdit = class(TIWCustomControl)


property BGColor: TIWColor

Use this property to set the background color of the control.

property FocusColor: TIWColor

Use this property to set the color of the control when it has the focus.

property MaxLength: Integer

Use this property indicate the max number of characters the control accepts as input.

property NonEditableAsLabel: Boolean

When this property is True and the Editable property is False, the control is rendered using a TIWLabel.

property PasswordPrompt: Boolean

Use this property as True to show only asterisks characters when the user types a text.

property Text: string

Use this property read/write the text value shown by the control.



property OnClick;

This event is triggered when the user click on the control. This event forces the full page to be rendered, ie, it is a full submit event.