The TIWRadioGroup is the IntraWeb equivalent of the TRadioGroup from VCL.

TIWRadioGroup = class(TIWCustomControl)


property Confirmation: string;

Use this property to inform the browser to ask the user to confirm the operation assigned to the button’s OnClick event. The text you type will be shown in the confirmation dialog showed by the browser. If the user presses OK, the code associated with the OnClick event will be execute. Has no effect for Async events.

property Editable: boolean;

Use this property to indicate if the control will be Editable or read-only.

property ItemIndex: Integer;

Use this property to read/write the index of the selected item in the Control.

property Items: TStrings;

Use this property to read/write to the list of items (strings) in the list portion of the control.

property Layout: TIWRadioGroupLayout;

Use this property to choose the control’s layout (glVertical, glHorizontal);


OnClick: TNotifyEvent;

This async event is triggered when the user clicks the Control.