Formatters are optional and can be used to modify or change the value that is returned. Formatters affect both directions in data binding, ie read and write.

Formatters can be type specific, or handle all valid types.

Format Specifiers


Supported types: boolean



This will return the value of users.IsAdmin, but will perform a boolean not. ie, true becomes false and false becomes true.


Get: Performs the specified math operation on the value for get.

Set: Performs the inverse math operation.

If x is not specified, 1 is used.




Get: Compares and converts to a boolean value.

Set: If true, uses specified true value. If false, uses the false value.

False value is optional. If not specified, null will be used.

Custom Formatters

Formatters are pluggable and user expandable.

That’s All?

Formatters are a new feature and are currently being expanded. They will include formatting of dates, numbers, and much more.