intraweb-app allows easy loading of an IntraWeb application. If you need to control loading or load individual .iwml files use the intraweb-iwml shortcode instead.

Library files will be loaded from the plugin directory.

intraweb-app is affected by INTRAWEB_APPROOT and iso options in config. However the default configured values can also be used.



Specifies the application to load. See app common parameter.


[intraweb-app app="Guess"]


Required: no

Use of the iso (isolated) parameter causes the IntraWeb libraries to be loaded from an isolated path instead of the default global path.

The IntraWeb libraries will be loaded from an iw sub directory of the selected application directory.

The iso parameter is useful for deploying an independent version of IntraWeb with a specific application. This can be useful for testing, but also isolated deployment without affecting existing applications.

The iso option is not safe to use when multiple intraweb-app shortcodes exist on a single html page. Loading duplicate library files even if they are identical versions will cause conflicts. Thus, iso can only be used when an individual html page contains only one intraweb-app or derived shortcode.

Example iso Library Path:

  /<App Directory>/ (specified in app attribute)
    index.ts (optional)
    other .iwml and .ts files
    /iw/ - IntraWeb library files.


[intraweb-app app="Guess" iso]


Specifies to not deploy in isolated mode and instead use the plugin provided libraries. Only useful if the default has been overridden in config.php.


Required: no

If specified it must contain a URL query string which will be appended to the .iwml file URL during load of the first page. Multiple parameters can be specified using the & separator.


[intraweb-app app="Guess" params="MagicNo=22&Test=4"]