intraweb-iwml can be used with or without a closing tag. If used with a closing tag, please refer to the (content) parameter below.



intraweb-iwml can be used with a closing tag to surround inline IWML content.

Note about pre. WordPress (at least TinyMCE Advanced) does not encode the <> in pre tags, but they need to be encoded.


URL that specifies the IWML to load and render. If a relative URL, it is taken relative to the URL, not the WordPress root which may not be the  same as the domain root.

If url ends in \, a default document of Index.iwml will be used. Index.iwml starts with a capital I and is case sensitive on some webservers, usually *nix based ones.

Source and (content) are mutually exclusive. If both are specified, (content) will be ignored and source will be used.


Required: no
Valid values: true / false

When true, will pass AllowDocParams=true to Loader.js.


By default the IntraWeb libraries will be auto loaded from the IntraWeb plugin directory and are automatically installed by the plugin.

For debugging or isolation purposes the lib parameter can be specified to load the libraries from an alternate location.

For debugging or to use a CDN one can specify an alternate path. lib can also be used to specify that each page uses a different IntraWeb library to allow applications to be run in isolation allowing different IntraWeb versions to be run concurrently on a single site.

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