More Controls

So far we have only used the Text control. Now we will introduce some more controls. Modify Index.iwml with the following contents:

ACORN 1.0 IWML 1.0
    Text Guess #
    Button Guess

Note that the Edit and Gap controls have a semi-colon (;) after them? This is because they have no parameters or properties. In such cases a final semi-colon is necessary. So far we have only seen controls that use parameters. Later will see controls with properties also. Parameters are a shorthand syntax to specify the most common properties.

There are three new controls in this IWML. Edit, Gap, and Button. The easiest way to explain what these controls do is to show them:

Eventually we are going to pretty our application up, but for now we will continue to take small steps and focus on function. Next we need to add some code.