Building IntraWeb from sources

Building IntraWeb from sources

If you have an active Ultimate subscription you have access to IntraWeb source code.

Basic procedure to build IntraWeb with sources:

1. Download IntraWeb sources

First login to Atozed Purchase Point. Then you should click on “Source Code Access” on the left menu, select the source file and click on “Download button”. You MUST download the same version installed on your system. Please note that each version of IntraWeb has a corresponding source code file named, where ZZ.Z.Z is the version number and XXXXXXXX is the date when the build process was done in the form YYYYMMDD.

2. Unzip the sources

In this example, I will assume we are installing version 14.0.0 under XE5. The process is the same for other versions/IDEs, only the paths may change. So, let’s say you have downloaded the file, containing IW 14.0.0 sources. Unzip it to some folder, i.e. C:\Intraweb\Sources. You will have the following folder structure:


3. Change Delphi Library Path

Add all folders created on step (2) to Delphi Library Path. You may just concatenate the folders with a semi-colon and paste it to the end of the existing string, inside the Delphi IDE:


Keep in mind that you must have the original installation path on your Library Path settings as well: Let’s say you have IW 14.0.0 installed under C:\IntraWeb\XIV, then you must have also the path


on your Library Path (for 32-bit, for x64 you must have C:\IntraWeb\XIV\LibXE5\Win64). This path is added by IntraWeb setup program and probably you already have it there.

4. Build your IntraWeb application

Now you should be able to build your application using the source code. If you have some error like “Unit xxx compiled with a different version of yyy” check if you really have the same source code for your installed IntraWeb version.