Unit: IW.Content.Base


CanStartSession: boolean = false

This property controls if the content handler can be used to respond to the first request of the session e.g. if the FIRST requested URL is something like http://server:port/MyHandlerPath, and MyHandlerPath is registered for this specific handler, it will then be executed if CanStartSession is TRUE. Otherwise it will be ignored and the application main form will be executed instead.

FileMustExist: boolean = true

True if this is a “file based” handler, i.e. the handler needs the existence of some file to be executed.

Path: string


RequiresSession: boolean = true

Specifies if a session must exist before this content handler is executed.

If true, a session will be created if necessary and locked for use by the content handler.

If false, no session will be created or searched for and the aSession parameter will be nil in content handler events.

RequiresSessionStart: boolean = true

RequiresSessionStart means that this content handler will only be executed AFTER session has been fully started, i.e. /$/SessionStart has been executed. This property is ignored if CanStartSession is FALSE