Page Classes

Page Classes

For reasons of code separation, history, and backwards compatibility, the page classes are split into several discrete classes.

As an end user, reading through several different documentation topics to see the members of the page would be rather confusing and frustrating. Thus we have merged the documentation into a single page.

If we didn’t care about backwards compatibility, the classes likely could be merged into just two classes, TIWFormXX and TIWForm15.


  • TIWFormXX
    •  TIWBaseForm
      • TIWBaseHTMLForm
        • TIWForm
          • TIWAppForm


Unit: IWBaseForm.pas

TIWFormXX exists a base to allow a backwards compatible 15 / 17 split in preparation for IntraWeb 17.


Unit: IWBaseForm.pas

Base class for all IntraWeb 15 forms. Effectively a TIWForm15, but remains as is to preserve code compatibility.


Unit: IWBaseHTMLForm.pas

Left over base from when WAP and HTML 3.2 were supported.


Unit: IWForm.pas

Left over base from previous versions when there was more than one descendant from TIWForm (Page mode).


Unit: IWAppForm.pas

TIWAppForm is the base of all user forms. When a new form is created in the project, it will descend from TIWAppForm.


TIWForm.ActiveControl: TIWCustomControl

Specifies the control on the page that will be active when the page is rendered.

TIWForm.LayoutMgr: TIWContainerLayout

Specifies an alternate layout manager such as a template manager. Custom layout managers can be used as well.

If no LayoutMgr is specified, the default layout manager will be used which will cause the page to be rendered as an X, Y layout as seen in the form designer.