Settings Page

No settings page exists yet, but will in the future.

Default Configuration

Most installations can use default values and no changes to config.php are necessary.

Default config.php contents (excluding PHP wrapper tags):

$IntraWeb_App_IsoDefault = false;
$IntraWeb_App_Isos = [];
$IntraWeb_App_NonIsos = [];

$IntraWeb_Paths = [
  "apps" => "/appdeploy/",
  "iwlib" => "/IW17/",
  "appview" => ""

Manually Edit config.php

config.php is case sensitive on *nix and some other servers. config.php is all lowercase. config.php exists in the IntraWeb plugin directory and is a text file. To configure it, edit it with a text editor and fill in the values.


$IntraWeb_Paths defines expansion paths. All expansion paths must be defined as lower case, however references to them can be mixed cases.

User defined values may also be added and used.


apps defines the base URL used to identify application locations for intraweb-app and related shortcodes. apps can be absolute or relative with the same rules as paths in intraweb-iwml, but must also finish with a \.

Defaults to /appdeploy/ which means unless changed your applications should be deployed at:



Default: empty string

iwlib can be used to override the default path of <plugindir>/js for the IntraWeb library files. Normally this value should be left as an empty string. Setting this value can be useful when debugging the IntraWeb libraries to allow the files to be pulled from a development path instead.


URL that points to an html page that embeds the internal AppView application. Necessary if the IntraWeb-AppView shortcode is used.

Iso Options

The iso options are all related and apply to the intraweb-app shortcode and any shortcode that uses intraweb-app internally such as intraweb-demo, intraweb-piddler, and intraweb-appview.

The functionality of the iso option itself is documented in the intraweb-app topic. These settings merely help manage it.

Iso settings are processed in order. That is, entries in $IntraWeb_App_Isos override $IntraWeb_App_IsoDefault, and $IntraWeb_App_NonIsos override both.

Finally, iso or noniso specified in the actual shortcode instance will override any settings here with noniso having higher priority than iso.


Defines the default iso value before other iso options are considered.


An array of strings listing applications by name which should set iso = true. For example, to have all instances of guess and piddler use iso mode, add the following entries:

$IntraWeb_App_Isos = ["guess", "piddler"];


Same as $IntraWeb_App_Isos, but sets iso = false instead of true.

Specific Application Options

Some internal applications may also have configuration options contained in config.php.

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