IntraWeb 17 because of its nature allows us to support many languages and IDEs with its ability to share core code in a language independent manner.

Delphi and C++ have always been IntraWeb’s flagship languages although in the past we have also supported .NET, Linux, and Java. Our non Delphi support is now long deprecated for over a decade because the compilers and tool used have also since been deprecated (JBuilder, Delphi.NET, and Kylix).

IntraWeb 17 changes the dynamics completely. Delphi and C++ will remain our flagship platform however we are also investigating supporting .NET, TypeScript, PHP and more.

IntraWeb 17 will allow you to run your existing IntraWeb 14 and 15 projects with few or no changes.


Under Watch

For the following languages we will continue to evaluate and may provide support for in the future.

  • Java
  • Lazarus / FPC

Planned & Current