Installing License Key

Installing License Key

Without a license key CrossTalk will be in evaluation mode and is limited. After purchasing CrossTalk, you will receive a license key. A license key consists of three parts:

  1. Registration name – This will be your name or your company name.
  2. Serial number – A unique serial number used to identify your license by Atozed.
  3. Key String – The string which contains your actual license information.

Each of these three items must be entered exactly. To install the license key select the “CrossTalk Source Code” item in the CrossTalk program group. This opens a directory containing some linkable CrossTalk source files. In this directory you will find Open in a text editor.

The default contents are shown here:

  xName := '';
  xSerial := 0;
  xKey := '';

Installation Steps

  1. Insert your registration name and key string into the empty string literals.
  2. Change the xSerial value to your serial number.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Perform a clean build (not compile) on your CrossTalk applications once after installing the key. The key is stored in an .inc file and the Delphi compiler normally does not see this as a change during compile and thus will not cause the key to be included.