Per Developer

CrossTalk is licensed per developer, not per machine. With each developer license, CrossTalk may be used by a single developer. That single developer may install CrossTalk on multiple machines, but CrossTalk can only be used by that licensed developer.

Distributable Files

You may redistribute:

  • CrossTalkMiddle32.dll
  • CrossTalkMiddle64.dll
  • Atozed.CrossTalk.Right.dll
  • Binary files (exe, dll, packages, etc) which include Delphi source code generated by CrossTalk. You must NOT deploy the actual Delphi source code generated by CrossTalk.

Restricted Files

You are prohibited from distributing any of the following:

  • Any Delphi or other source file generated by CrossTalk.
  • The CrossTalk Class Generator utility.
  • Your CrossTalk license key.