IntraWeb still on Evaluation mode

IntraWeb still on Evaluation mode

We frequently receive e-mails from users (and some newsgroups messages) regarding problems on installing IntraWeb keys. The installation turns into eval mode, even installing the IntraWeb license. Some reasons:

  • Your application is not linking to your license: check if the IWLicenseKey.pas file is on your search path. Try adding this unit to your project
  • You have an old IWLicenseKey.pas (or DCU) which is being linked to your application
  • Your IWLicenseKey.pas file is empty: Please make sure you paste your key when you are installing IntraWeb

Please check Installing or Upgrading IntraWeb for more information.

For C++ Builder users

  • In general, the installer will create a OBJ file to be linked to your project, but if for some reason you can´t find a IWLicenseKey.Obj file, in addition to the steps above, you can add the unit IWLicenceKey.pas to your project.

Note: the same instructions are valid for those who do not have the eval mode problem, but are not seing bug fixes after installing a update.