The IntraWeb IWCL library can be deployed to any location. Normally the libraries are deployed in a shared location in which multiple applications can use. You can also deploy the IWCL library along side an application in its directory.

To deploy the IWCL library, simply copy the files into your directory. The files consists of:

  1. IntraWeb.js – The main IntraWeb library.
  2. Dialogs\*.* – A directory containing .iwml files for dialog functionality. This directory is not required if you do not use the built in dialogs, or use JQueryUI, Toast, SweetAlert or other dialogs.
  3. Loadable\*.* – Contains support for all loadable libraries including JQueryUI, Bootstrap, ExtJS and more. It is easiest simply to deploy all of them, however you only need to deploy the ones you use in your application, if any. If you have custom loadable libraries, they also go into this directory.