In the previous example we only had one control which is not very useful. In normal usage the Page tag can only have one child. Adding more than one child to a Page control will not yield the expected result and is usable only in specific scenarios.

This however is not a limitation, but a specific design decision. To add multiple controls to your page, we need to make only a simple adjustment and make the root control of the page a container which then can hold multiple child controls.

We will do this by adding a layout control. Layout controls act as containers, but also control how the child controls are positioned. The complete list of layout controls is documented here. You can also easily develop new layout controls to meet your specific needs, or even inherit and modify the existing layouts.


For now we will use a SimpleStack layout. SimpleStack is among the simplest of layouts and provides minimal control layout, but is still very useful in many cases and is used frequently. We will introduce other layouts later.

SimpleStack quite simply just stacks controls vertically one on top of each other. If we put two controls in a SimpleStack, it will stack them vertically:


Until now we have only used Page, SimpleStack and Text but many more controls exist and can be found here.

Here we insert a SimpleStack and split our single Text control into two Text controls. We have also added a Button for some variety.