NDA Reminder!!!

While this page is public, IntraWeb 17 itself is still under NDA. No binary or other sources can be shared. You can talk and show 17, but see below at end of page for further info.


  • Delphi 10.4.1
    When we update the master build machine, more IDEs will be supported. To simplify the beta build process we are building the beta release for one IDE only.
  • x86 Only
    x64 will be supported in the future.
  • C++ still to come
    C++ is not supported in the beta yet, but there are no obstacles and if you want you should be able to use it although you will have to copy and modify the Delphi demo project files.

By limiting the beta to these restrictions, we can build for a single target which makes the beta process significantly simpler.



  1. 15.2
    You will need the latest 15.2 installed.
  2. Extract ZIP
    Unzip the beta distribution to a temporary location.


Close Delphi before this step as it will lock files that need updating.

If you use the default install path for 15 of:

C:\Program Files (x86)\IntraWeb 15\

Then simply run Add17.exe.

If you used an alternate path, you must pass it to Add17.exe:

Add17 "<Path to 15 install>"

Be sure to use the quotes in case your path has spaces.

Design Package

If you are installing for the first time, you need to manually install the IW 17 design package.

You should have both of these. NOTE Screenshot says 15.0 – 17 is now based on 15.2.

If you don’t, click add and find dclIntraWeb17_D10_4.bpl. Normally it will be put here:



  1. Tutorial
    Start here to learn how to use IntraWeb 17.
  2. Demos
    Look in \Demos
  3. Talk
    Blog, talk, Facebook cool things about 17 (Clear content first please to avoid revealing parts we may not want public just quite yet)
  4. Ask
    Ask away…even insanely small questions…. Use IW17 NDA or IW17 public Telegram chat room if you are not in the NDA room.