Manual Install

Currently the IntraWeb plugin for WordPress is not in the WordPress plugin directory as it is still under development. We will add it to the WordPress plugin directory in the future, but currently it must be manually installed.


  1. Locate the install directory of the WordPress site that you wish to install the plugin into.
  2. Within the WordPress site directory navigate to the wp-content\plugins directory.
  3. Create a new sub-directory named IntraWeb
  4. Copy the IntraWeb plugin files into the IntraWeb directory. If you are upgrading the plugin, do not overwrite config.php.


If this is the first install of the IntraWeb plugin (as opposed to an upgrade), it will need to be activated. Navigate to plugins in the WordPress dashboard and locate the IntraWeb plugin.

Click the Activate link.

The IntraWeb plugin is almost ready to use, it just needs configured.

Future Functionality

In the future the IntraWeb plugin will be available from the WordPress plugin directory, as well as an uploadable plugin instead of requiring a manual install.