Path Resolution

Path Resolution

WordPress resolves paths relative to the WordPress site root. In most cases the WordPress site root and domain root are the same, but in other cases wordpress is installed in a subpath. For example, a wordpress site may exist at http://<mydomain>/wordpress which would cause the wordpress site root (/wordpress/) to be different than the domain root (always /).

To allow references outside of the wordpress site root, paths referenced by the IntraWeb WordPress are resolved in the following manner with few exceptions.

If a url begins with:

  • / –  relative to the domain root
  • http:// or https:// – absolute URL
  • other – relative to WordPress site root.

Expansion Paths

If a path starts with ~, it will be treated as an expansion path. Several predefined expansion paths must be defined in config.php, but user defined ones can also exist.

For example, given the path:


~IWLib will be replaced with the value specified in config.php for IWLib resulting in something such as:


Expansion paths are processed before other merges and can be further merged.