Page Management

Page Management

Both v15 and v17 pages can be used and mixed in a single application. The pages themselves however are significantly different.


15 to 15

A 15 page leading to a 15 page will update as in previous IntraWeb versions and new HTML will be sent for the new 15 page.

15 Self Update


15 to 17


17 Self Update


17 to 17


17 to 15



Update Render

When no new page is rendered, but a page needs to update it will update each of the controls individually. This is similar to IntraWeb’s umPartial or AJAX updates.

If the page is a different page then Inline or Full Rendering will be used.

Inline Render

A page will be rendered inline when all of the following are true. Otherwise a page will be rendered full.

  1. The page is not the first (starting) page of a user session.
  2. The previous page is a v17 page.
  3. The page has no matching html loader file. See below for more information about html loader files.

When a page is rendered inline, it will be rendered into the same html target element of the original page. This provides a smooth update to the user without updating the entire page.

Full Render

In a full render, new HTML is sent to the browser and the page is rendered into the HTML page. This causes the entire page to be redrawn by the browser.

When a full render occurs, HTML to load the page is required.

Render Targets

Within a HTML loader file, an IntraWeb page can render itself into various parts of the HTML document.


By default, the entire body of the document will be removed and replaced by the page.

The body will be briefly visible to the user while the page loads, especially on the first page when the libraries need time to briefly load. Thus the body can be used to display a loading message and the default internal HTML loader page displays a default load message. This can be altered with a custom HTML loader.

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