As a first step, let’s change our button to be a Bootstrap button. This can be done by removing and re-adding the button. This would be required to change a class in a VCL forms application as well. But this is another type of change that is much faster and easier to do by simply modifying the IWML:

Our application now looks like this:

WordPress Theme is Applied

The screenshot may appear slightly different than the live output. This is because our WordPress theme has its own styles which are merged with our IWML, while the screenshots are from Chrome without any additional styling applied.

We have Bootstrap!

Now we have a Bootstrap button instead of a the built in IntraWeb button. All we had to do was add the namespace for Bootstrap (BS.) and now we have a different button. The BS.Button is upward compatible with the built in Button, as the BS.Button inherits from Button.

We already set the .Face and .ButtonSize properties in IWML, but you can also set them or any other property from the Object Inspector: