We need to choose a layout. A layout is not a single control, but a type of control. A layout can be thought of like a panel or a container. IntraWeb contains many built in layouts, but also supports layouts from Bootstrap and others.

To avoid introducing complexity at this stage we are going to use one of the simplest layouts, a SimpleStack. A SimpleStack provides very minimal layout functionality and simply stacks each control one on top of each other vertically.

Change the IWML for our page to the following:

We have highlighted the changes and will do so throughout the tutorial. These highlights are not part of the IWML and when pasting IWML, only the plain text is to be used.

If we press as preview button:

From now one we will not show the IWML editor unless necessary. When the IWML must be altered from sample IWML in this tutorial you will be expected to perform these steps on your own.

If we close the preview and click OK, the designer tree will be updated:

IWML and DFM Files

For IntraWeb 17, IWML is the core of everything. IWML is what is sent to the browser and the IWCL in the browser renders the HTML from the IWML. Changing what the designer uses to store pages would require significant work, so as a practicality pages are still stored as DFM files. At run time the DFM files are read into memory. After your code updates the controls, the pages are then written out as IWML. This is a highly efficient process and similar to how IntraWeb 15 functions except that IWML is rendered instead of HTML.