IntraWeb applications can easily be deployed in a WordPress site. This gives your application a consistent look with the rest of your site, and allows intermixing of WordPress content and IntraWeb functionality.


Install WordPress Plugin

Before proceeding, you will need to install the IntraWeb WordPress plugin into the WordPress site that you want to use with IntraWeb.

Enable CORS

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) must be enabled to use a Delphi based IntraWeb application in WordPress unless your IntraWeb application is running on the same web server as WordPress, on the same domain, and same port. While this is possible, this is a rare configuration as WordPress does not run optimally on Windows and most WordPress hosting is performed on Linux.

To enable CORS, set the ServerController.CorsOrigin property. The property should be set to the protocol (http:// or https://) and domain name of the server that hosts the WordPress site. For example, to host a Delphi IntraWeb 17 application in this WordPress site, we would specify a value of https://doc.atozed.com

A value of * can also be specified which will allow any site to embed your application. This can have security implications however depending on your application. While * is usable in deployment, is most useful during debugging.

For more information please see the .CorsOrigin property of the ServerController.

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